“I’m Christa.”

When I was a teenager, my Mom asked me; “Who are you?” I looked at her like she’d completely lost her mind and answered, “I’m Christa”. It wasn’t until adulthood and the experiences of life that I learned exactly what she was asking me. My answer now is much more detailed for those who truly care to know, but the short answer is still, “I’m Christa”.

I’m a spiritual, compassionate, faithful, out-spoken, out-going and loving person. I am a mother and a military wife. I’m passionate. I’ve overcome many obstacles in my life, which have made me strong. Strong willed, strong minded and slightly stubborn…(my husband might argue the “slightly” part, but he’s not here so we won’t ask him.) I’m opinionated and loud and silly at times. Sometimes a girl’s gotta let loose, what can I say?

Love of God and family are the most important things to me. I don’t believe in organized religion, I’ve had my share and found my own relationship with God. I won’t shove my beliefs down anyone’s throat, but I won’t withhold the fact that I firmly believe it is God that has blessed me with an amazing family. It is what it is, and what it is, is my life. For that I am grateful to God and not ashamed to share it.

I’m very patriotic. Being a military wife has taught me a lot about what it means to wake up free. It’s shown me the daily sacrifices of our Veterans and the lives lost defending this country. After almost 10 years and 2 deployments, you learn a few things, one of them is: Military lives are not for the weak. Period.

I cuss, a lot…. Like at least once in a paragraph normally, sometimes multiple times depending on the topic and how passionate I am about it.  Typically anger brings out the heavy artillery, but occasionally I’ll throw a “fuck” out there in every day conversation. “The weather sucks.””Fuck, it really does.” I have learned when to sensor myself…you know, around children and some elderly… But, God created me with my big, opinionated, potty mouth and He loves me just as I am. You’ve been warned.

Thank you for your time getting to know a little about me. Make sure to Follow me to read more… I’m excited about my book. It’s been a long time coming. I hope you all enjoy my writing……until next time,

be blessed.